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Agri Fittings

List of Fittings-AGRI :

1. Coupler / Socket

2. Reducer Socket  

3.Reducer Bush 


5.Male Threaded Adaptor  

6.Female Threaded Adaptor 

7.Reducing FTA  


9.Reducing Tee  

10. End Cap (Plain) 

11. End Cap (Threaded)  

12. Service Saddle  

• Modern & Smart.  

• Easy to install.  

• Economical.  

• UV stabilized to ensure lifetime endurance.  

• Specially compounded to withstand rugged outdoor installation . 

• Smooth finish to ensure non choking system.  

• Durable for hot waste water disposal.  

• Maintenance Free  

It will be useful for jointing of PVC pipes and fittings.
It can be used for jointing any of two of the products made from PVC material.

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