Blue Casing Pipes

A unique product made from a special uPVC compound. Both the screen and casing pipes are available in nominal diameter up to 250mm and can be used upto the depths of 1200 feets.

Casings are of 4types:

1.C.S - 80mts-250ft (approximately)
2.C.M 250mts-850ft (approximately)
3.Turbo (Deepwell casing) g Spl.- As per Customer requirement Ex.113 I.D & 240 N.D ,etc
Nandi well casing and well screen pipes are manufactured under strict supervision of technical experts to meet tough environmental conditions of Coa- 400mts-1200ft (approximately)
4.Casinstal/Soil areas. The pipes are resistant to mineral salts and ground chemicals ensuring a longer working life. In coastal area, pipes should be inserted up to total bore depth in loose soils.

Nandi Blue Casing pipes are manufactured under the specification of IS : 12818 - 2010. blue Casing pipes can be used with submersible pump and vertical shaft type pumps providing suitable clearance. Owing to the increasing depths of wells it was found necessary to manufacture a heavy-duty range pipe for use at depths of 1200 feet. The pipe range has thicker wall section and high compression resistance.

The plant is equipped with German Twin-screw extruders capable of producing ribbed and casing from 40 - 250 mm ND. Stringent Quality Control tests are regularly conducted to ensure top quality products for use in borewells.

1.Nandi PVC Plain casing and ribbed screen pipes are specially designed to ensure clean , clear water from borewells whether shallow,medium or deep

2.Casing Pipes are easy to install, and installation of the threaded ends ensuring that the pipes can be Screwed on to each other without the use of cement or adhesives.


1. Non toxic
2. Corrosion resistant
3. Light weight
4. Longer lasting
5.Easy installation

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