Nandi CPVC Pipes

The most advanced Hot and Cold water plumbing system for the new generation.
No longer does anybody have to live with primitive metal-based plumbing systems having limited life and many inherent disadvantages. Presenting Nandi C-pvc pipes and Fittings (The World class plumbing system) under  collaboration from  Sekusui chemical ltd, Japan  for manufacturing and marketing today's most advanced CPVC Hot and Cold Water Plumbing system in India.

Nandi CPVC pipe and Pipe fittings are ideal for use in

  • High rise residential buildings, complexes and societies hotels
  • Office complexes
  • Commercial and Industrial installations
  • Villas, Farm-houses and Individual homes
  • Solar water heaters and Geysers
  • Trouble-free Proven Performance
  • Smooth Bore and 100% Water carrying capacity
  • Low Thermal Expansion than any alternate plastic system
  • Very low thermal conductivity ensures hot water remains hot.
  • Very low Noise due to reduced water hammer problems
  • High Impact strength even in low temperature conditions
  • Can be installed and operated in all weather conditions
  • Pressure and temperature bearing capacity remains unaffected even after long solar and UV radiation exposure
  • Lowest bacterial growth and bio-film formation compared to any other plumbing system.
  • CPVC is self-extinguishing meaning it does not support fire
  • Low smoke generation with combustion products being no more toxic than burning wood
  • Negligible leaching of foreign particles into water ensuring unaffected water quality
  • Does not require electricity or welding torch during installation eliminating risk of fire or accidents on site.
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