Nandi Plumbing Pipes

Blue Plumbing Pipes:

Smooth Bore:Ensures higher flow compared to G.I pipeline of the same size. No clogging

Light weight, yet strong:

Easy to transport, store, handle and install. Withstands rough handing.

Rustproof:Bore diameter remains constant.

Accurate Dimensions :

Ensure leak proof

Negligible Maintenance:

Rustproof leak proof joints and bores ensure minimum maintenance.

Longer Lasting :

UPVC is rustproof and has no encrustation in the bore. Hence pipes and fittings last much longer.


• Material: uPVC

• Colour: Blue & Milk White (Plain & threaded pipes are available)

• Pipes: As per ASTM-D1785 Schedule 40, 80

• Thread: Pipe threads 14 TPI for 1/2" and 3/4" and II TPI for 1" and above

Grey Plumbing Pipes

The Company also manufactures Grey Colour plumbing pipes as per ISI standards IS:4985-2000

Salient Features

 1. Manufactured as per IS:4985 - 2000.
 2. Safe for drinking water supply system.
 3. Light in weight, easy to handle and install.
 4. Rust and leak proof and have high resistance to heat, fire etc.

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