SWR Pipes

Sujala Pipes Pvt Ltd.,Nandyal, a flagship unit of Nandi Group of companies, has been manufacturing 'NANDI' brand Unplasticized Poly vinyl Chloride(uPVC) Plain, Socket and Ringtype end SWR pipe's with nominal outside diameter from 75,110,160mm.These pipes are used in soil and waste discharge system inside the building including ventilating and rain water applications.The pipe's surface colour is dark shade of gray.Pipe’s are made and supplied in nominal lengths of 4,6,8 and 10 feet either plain or with solvent typed socket/'O' ring typed grooved socket .

The company's 'Nandi Gold' brand SWR Pipe enjoys ISI recognition (IS:13592-1992).

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Under Ground Drainage sewerage Systems-UGDSS

NANDI uPVC Under Ground Drainage and Sewerage Systems are manufactured in accordance with Bureau of Indian Standards specification IS: 15328. These Brown coloured pipes are supplied from 110mm to 315mm in three (3) classes i.e. SDR 51, SDR 41 and SDR 34.

This is a simple process for jointing NANDI uPVC UG pipes are better alternative for the conventional SWG pipes (Mud pipes). These pipes are designed manufactured to withstand different soils, compression loads and negative hydrostatic pressures. The pipes are supplied with Solvent Welded sliding sockets and Rubber ring jointed sliding sockets.

Application areas:

Domestic Drainage and Sewerage disposal application in rural and urban areas
Industrial Effluent disposal
Strom water application

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