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SWR Fittings

Available both in Solvent Cement Joints & Rubber Ring Joints.-SWR

• Modern & Smart.  

• Easy to install.  

• Economical.  

• UV stabilized to ensure lifetime endurance.  

• Specially compounded to withstand rugged outdoor installation . 

• Smooth finish to ensure non choking system.  

• Durable for hot waste water disposal.  

• Maintenance Free  

Features and Specifications:

• Manufactured from high quality PVC compound.  

• Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance to most acidic and alkaline solutions. 

• Exceptionally durable and highly resilient.  

• Moulded with precision to match the Pipes.  

• Conforming to IS 7834, IS 554, ISO 727, DIN 8063 standards.. 

• • Nominal pressure, PN16 with reduced safety factor of 2.5.  

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